Thanks to our Sustainable
Development Committee, we
are in a position to offer
eco-responsible lodging.



Bac recyclage


Hôtellerie Jardins de Ville is a leader in valorizing environmental waste to create positive benefits in daily life.

Since starting these activities in 2005, practicing waste management has become popular and our staff participation has been steadily increasing.

Our waste management has taken on many forms, such as recycling grass clippings, finding new uses for worn sheets and towels and purchasing reusable or recyclable containers.

Because of the concerted efforts of both management and staff, Hôtellerie Jardins de Ville has reached a valorization rate of 87%. Consequently, in 2008, Recyc-Québec officially recognized these efforts made by the hotel.

We also has reached the "prix d'excellence en environnement 2007".

herbe attestation prix excellence

Concrete measures

Waste management

  • Waste paper is recycled
  • Durable tableware is used
  • Soaps and shampoos are biodegradable
  • We recover 85% of plastics, glass, metal and fibres
  • We recover compost matter (kitchen and dining room)
  • We return ink cartridges to suppliers
  • We recycle batteries
  • Dinner napkins are made of recycled paper and are sent to composting
  • We use paper coffee filters that are sent to composting after use
  • A recycling bin is supplied with every room

Saving water

  • Clients are ordered to help reduce the number of towels to wash.
  • Bedding is changed every three days unless otherwise asked by client.
  • Taps and showerheads are all water-saving versions.
  • Our laundry equipment uses 40% less water and 20% less soap than traditional washers.
  • Our oversize dryer consumes 25% less electricity.
  • Our new bath cleaning method saves 60% less water.
  • Water-saving toilet reservoirs/tanks

Saving electricity

  • Heating and lighting are reduced when hotel rooms and conference rooms are unoccupied.
  • Most light bulbs have been replaced by energy-saving bulbs.
  • We favour buying local products